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WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 Excimer Laser

Allegretto WaveLight LASIK San DiegoAre you looking for top LASIK eye surgery in San Diego? Dr. Richard Burns of the New Freedom Eye Center combines the latest technologies in order to deliver optimal vision correction outcomes. Dr. Vurns uses the state-of-the-art WaveLight Allegretto Wave Eye-Q 400 excimer laser to provide the safest, most effective eye care possible. The WaveLight Allegretto excimer laser is the fastest laser currently available in the United States and features improved pulse technology, an eye tracking system for accuracy and wavefront optimization, all of which contribute to fast and painless treatment, smooth recovery and excellent vision correction results.

How Does WaveLight Allegretto Work?

The WaveLight Allegretto excimer laser delivers 400 laser bursts per second, taking less than one minute to correct most refractive errors in the eye. It features PerfectPulse Technology and eye-tracking to follow the eye’s movement during surgery and ensure accurate placement of each pulse on the cornea. Its wavefront optimization system adjusts the laser beam every two to three milliseconds, measuring the eye’s location and tracking its movement. If the eye moves out of range, the laser will automatically stop and wait for the eye to move back into position. The WaveLight Allegretto laser is capable of treating large optical zones, which is especially important for better night vision and glare control.

Why WaveLight Allegretto Eye-W 400?

The WaveLight Allegretto is recognized for its many advantages, including:

  • Shorter surgery time
  • Increased safety
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Control and reliability
  • Excellent results
  • Improved night vision
  • Reduced risk of glare

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Additional Vision Correction Procedures

In addition to bladeless LASIK surgery, Dr. Burns offers PRK, LASEK, RLE, and cataract treatment in San Diego for patients who wish to reduce their need for corrective eyewear. Contact any of our three Southern California eye care locations today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Burns.