IntraLase in San Diego

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In order to deliver the best possible vision correction results, New Freedom Eye Center features many of the latest laser technologies. This includes the advanced IntraLase femtosecond laser – a special laser used to create the corneal flap during LASIK procedure. By applying this laser in conjunction with CustomVue™ technology, Dr. Burns is able to provide his San Diego LASIK eye surgery patients with a completely bladeless all-laser iLASIK experience.

How Does IntraLase Work?

LASIK procedure involves two steps – the creation of the corneal flap and the reshaping of the corneal surface. IntraLase is the technology used during the first phase of LASIK surgery. The conventional LASIK method uses an instrument called a microkeratome to cut the corneal flap. A microkeratome is an oscillating blade that is placed on the eye and moves back and forth, cutting the corneal tissue.

With IntraLase in San diego, the first step of LASIK surgery is completed by a special laser. First, s special suction ring is placed on the eye to prevent it from moving. Then Dr. Burns applies the IntraLase laser, which pulses across the eye in a highly precise pattern. These pulses generate tiny air bubbles at a defined depth in the corneal tissue. Dr. Burns then separates the corneal flap from the eye before adjusting the eye’s refractive error with the excimer laser.

Why IntraLase?

IntraLase laser offers many benefits when compared to the traditional corneal flap creation method – the microkeratome. The most important advantage of using IntraLase is that it eliminates many of the LASIK side effects associated with the flap. While LASIK complications are rare, sometimes patients experience blurred vision, double vision and/or nighttime haloes after undergoing this procedure. These vision problems often occur because of flap defects – uneven flap edges or other microkeratome-caused imperfections. When the surgeon uses IntraLase, these problems are largely eliminated.

Other reasons why our San Diego IntraLase patients choose this option include:

  • Improved LASIK outcomes
  • Decreased epithelial injury
  • More predictable flap thickness
  • Better astigmatic neutrality

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Alternatives to Corneal Flap

While IntraLase eliminates most of the flap-related complications associated with LASIK, some San Diego laser eye surgery patients desire to avoid the creation of the flap altogether. For these patients, Dr. Burns offers PRK and LASEK – highly effective laser procedures that do not require cutting a flap in the cornea. In addition to these refractive treatments, Dr. Burns also specializes in cataract surgery and refractive lensectomy (RLE). He uses the latter procedure to help patients who do not qualify for LASIK. During RLE procedure, Dr. Burns replaces a patient’s natural lenses with sophisticated artificial lenses, such as ReStor or Crystalens. These lens implants become a permanent part of the patient’s eyes, allowing him or her to see both near and far – and often without the help of glasses!

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